FAQ For Anna Stay - Trivetrunner

What is your returns policy?
Please refer to our returns policy here please>> https://annastay.com/search?q=Returns

Does It come with a Guarantee?
Yes, the Trivetrunner product comes with a 1-year Guarantee.

What is your refund policy?
Please refer to our refund policy here>> https://annastay.com/pages/refund-policy

What is the Delivery Times?
Delivery times vary between 7-10 days.

What is the Modular Trivetrunner?
The Modular Trivetrunner is a 4 piece Trivetrunner set, which has the possibility of the following layout options.

Single Placemat Use (15.” X 11.8”)
Wide Trivet 2 Under 2 (23.6” x 31.5”)
Long End-to-End Runner (Up to 63”)

What material is the Trivetrunner made of?
The Trivetrunner is Insulated natural polymer & polyester.

Can i put a hot pot or pan directly onto the Trivetrunner?

The directions on the Trivetrunner, ask you to leave a hot plate or pan for 5 minutes, before placing on to the Trivetrunner. Handles up to 300 F so safe to put hot pots & cold dishes, protecting your furniture. A great trivet

Are you able to cut the Trivetrunner to fit an existing piece of furniture?

You can cut the 1 piece Trivetrunner if you need to fit specific sized space, but if you are looking to make table mats, we have Trivetrunner table mat sets which come with individual Trivetrunner rectangle mats.
What are the dimensions of the Trivetrunner?

The runner is 40 inches long x 12 inches wide, hope this helps

Is the Trivetrunner Waterproof?
Yes the Trivetrunner can withstand liquid spills. You can just use a cloth to wipe up any liquids and it will protect your table from liquids too.

How often should i clean the Trivetrunner?
You can wipe down your Trivetrunner after every use, with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel, but it is not necessary to clean every day.

Is the backing safe to place on my table?
Yes the backing is suitable for a table and has been designed to protect your furniture from any marks. It sits perfectly on any surface without leaving any marks.

Is the Trivetrunner slip resistant?
The Trivetrunner has non slip surface on the bottom of the Trivetrunner, to make it stay in place on your furniture.

Where do you ship?
We ship to the US mainland only. But we do have an Amazon store you can visit, for orders to the EU.

How many coasters do the Trivetrunner sets come with?

The Trivetrunner sets come with 6 coasters.

Is the Trivetrunner washable?
Yes, you can wash your Trivetrunner, although we wouldn’t advise to put in a dishwasher, in case it damages the Trivetrunner.

Can you cut the Trivetrunner to make individual placemats?

We have a Trivetrunner Modular set, which is a set of 4 placemats and can be used individually or all together to make one long Trivetrunner

Can I use the Trivetrunner to put under my crockpot overnight?

Yes, you can use your Trivetrunner underneath a crockpot or toaster.



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