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Our Story

Welcome to Dress Your Space by Anna Stay 

The warmth of a smile, combined with the taste of a home-cooked meal is our ultimate drive. Our purpose is to offer you all the high-quality, elegant, innovative and practical products you need to make each family dinner a small festivity; a celebration of family love and bonding!

Anna Stay passion is to Dress Your Space , she was born to design - design for moms and dads, chefs and hostesses that care not only for the what but also for the how... 

Our customers always tell us - how many compliments they win using our collections. After all, this is what our company reflects - enjoy delicious homemade moments of happiness with the people you love

One of the most powerful childhood memories that shape our personality is that of us sitting around the table, talking, having fun, and waiting for our mom's home cooked meal, that we could all enjoy together. There is a special kind of bond that forms around a dinner table, and this is what led us to create Dress Your Space by Anna Stay!

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We are here to serve every mother who, despite being super busy, will always find the time to cook for her family, because she knows that sharing a table truly brings a family together. 
Hence, we are devoted to creating uniquely designed products, and useful home and kitchen supplies, in order to help these delightful, powerful mothers around the globe. 

Our products are not only super practical and effective but also stylish; a fine addition to any table or countertop. Discover a variety of thin and elegant decorative trivets and table runners for your pots, pans, and plates. Find stylish pads that will keep the surface of your table or kitchen counter safe and intact, but will also become beautiful decorative elements! 

As for our unique product, the Trivetrunner, it is a perfect 2 in 1 decorative table runner that will both protect your table from heat AND add a touch of finesse and elegance to your every meal. Out of the ordinary products of unparalleled design that you can offer as a gift to your friends and beloved ones.

A proof that you care, because we do.
Always truly yours - Anna Stay. Designer. Owner. Mom.

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